About Zhanjiang

Lying in the southernmost of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang consists of the Leizhou Peninsular and more than 30 small islands, neighboring the South Sea to the east, Beibu Gulf to the west, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the northwest and Maoming to the northeast. The city is separated from Hainan Province by Qiongzhou Strait. It is the main sea port of southwestern China to foreign countries, and also the shortest sea voyage port of mainland China to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. Zhanjiang is a fantastic travel city where the five counties and four districts are ocean-oriented. You can enjoy the charming sea view, eat fresh sea food, relax at the bathing beaches and explore the magic volcanic lake. Besides, there is the longest beach in China – Longhaitian Beach.

Zhanjiang Attractions - Things to Do
 Huguangyan National Scenic Area: This scenic area is also a national geological park famous for its natural volcano relic. It has the most typical and largest maar (volcanic) lake in the world. 

 Donghai Island: It ranks as the fifth largest island in China. A popular holiday resort has been built on the east side of the island. In addition to the forest and beautiful sea, it also has a 28-kilomter-long beach. 

 Naozhou Island: This is a beautiful island that is favorable for a visit at any season. The Naozhou Beacon with over a hundred years' history is the highlight of the island.
How to get to/around Zhanjiang
Zhanjiang Airport is the only airport in western Guangdong Province. It is only about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the downtown area of the city.

Zhanjiang Port, in the southeast part of the city proper, once had passenger transport station operating liner to reach Haikou. However, there are no longer passenger liners directly from the city proper to Haikou. Visitors should go to the Hai'an Dock in Xuwen County for this connection.

Zhanjiang Railway Station and Zhanjiang West Railway Station have operated trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Kunming and more cities.